Selling to cash home buyers in Cincinnati and other states is not new and becoming more common these days. Nonetheless, a lot of myths about companies that advertise ‘We buy houses fast in Cincinnati’ remain. Usually, these misconceptions are the reasons why many sellers fear accepting a cash offer. 

There are still many people who think that cash house buyers are just out to get as much money as they could. But selling homes to local real estate investors for cash isn’t just for the benefit of the buyers, sellers can also get many benefits from it. For instance, we buy Cincinnati houses at a fair price and help sellers get their cash in as little as seven days. 

As long as you are dealing with a reputable “We buy homes fast in Cincinnati’ company you’ll be just fine. To put your mind at ease, let’s debunk common misconceptions about selling your home to cash home buyers.

Myth #1: ‘We buy houses fast Cincinnati’ companies give low-ball offers

Unfortunately, cash buyers wrongfully earned the reputation of making offers far less than the fair market price. But this myth is usually perpetuated by agents who want to get rid of competition so they can get more sales. 

Companies that buy houses for cash in Cincinnati Ohio are often real estate investors like us who are experienced and well-educated in the Cincinnati market and have funds on hand to spend on the area. While the offers they give are usually below the valuation of the house, not every cash buyer gives lowball offers. 

When you are working with real estate agents, the first step is to do a valuation of the property and then they make an offer. And the thing is the offer is going to be also lower than the true value of your home. This means the offer you are going to get from ‘We buy houses fast in Cincinnati’ companies is essentially similar to the one you would get from a real estate agent.

Remember that when agents present a selling price for a property, they are also going to take into consideration other expenses such as agent fees and costs when setting the selling price. But for cash buyers like us, we buy Cincinnati houses fast and pay for the closing costs as well. Therefore, the price that we pay is not so different from that of traditional home buyers. 

Myth #2 Cash house buyers only purchase homes in foreclosure or ugly homes

Another one of the most common misconceptions is that cash buyers only buy worn-down properties or those in foreclosure. But in reality, the two conditions are not a requirement when we buy Cincinnati houses. 

Cash buyers purchase a variety of properties such as houses from individuals who want to sell their house fast for any other reason than avoiding foreclosure. They also buy cash-flowing rental properties. 

Myth #3 We buy Cincinnati houses fast companies are scam artists

It is not unusual for people to be skeptical about cash buyers when they see ads claiming they can buy houses fast and close as little as 7 days. What’s the catch, right? But there are no more scam artists in this industry than there are in others. It’s just unfortunate that the few crooked investors are the ones who are making the waves and getting into the news, giving the rest of the cash buyer industry a bad name. 

We buy Cincinnati houses as legitimate local real estate investors and yes, we are looking for properties to invest our money and hopefully earn a decent profit. But some are going for more than just a decent profit so you should always do your due diligence. Only deal with reputable ones, do a background check and make sure you also know the valuation of your house so you know you are not getting lowballed. 

Myth#4 Cash home buyers skip inspections

Cash buyers will still want to check if the property passes the criteria on the type of houses they are buying before they proceed with closing and paying cash. This means they are going to have an inspection done before putting in the final offer and closing.

Myth#5 You’ll always get more proceeds if you market your property

When you list your property on the market, more people are going to see it. But that doesn’t automatically follow that you can sell your home for more money. The longer your home sits on the market the fewer offers you’ll get so sellers have to consider lowering the price and accepting less proceeds. 

There are several factors that affect how fast you can sell your home on the market such as the number of available buyers, the strength of the market, and the season of the year. This is beyond the control of sellers so sometimes they have no other option but to accept less money just to sell. 

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